Competitor Comparison

Why choose Summer Ready over our competitors?

When the facts are written out — the choice is clear! Sunscreen wasn't made to be simple. It's valuable to do the research. Read the below benefits about what's important about your daily sun protection.

Summer Ready Skincare

    • SPF Numbers That Matter.

      • Did you know that the difference between SPF 30 and 100 is very small? If you didn't know this sunscreen fun fact, prepare to have your mind blown. To achieve a higher SPF, numerous chemicals need to be used which is not ideal for health-conscious consumers. There's also a false sense of protection that comes along with higher SPFs. The higher the SPF, people tend to feel falsely safe about being in the sun for extended periods of time. Make sure to routinely apply your SPF about every two hours. Side note: this is why we only provide SPF 30 for all Summer Ready Sunscreens!

    • No Chemicals Needed.

      • If it sounds like we're repeating ourselves, it's because we are. Summer Ready Sunscreen has no additional chemicals. Our products are vegan, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin, reef & marine safe, and dermatologist recommended. Since other brands aim to reach the higher SPF levels, more chemicals are included in these sunscreens that Summer Ready actively aims to avoid.

    • Better with Broad-Spectrum.

      • Let's break it down. SPF only addresses UVB, not UVA. Unfortunately, UVA light can also cause sun damage and skin cancer which makes it important to pick up a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum.



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