Our Story

Summer Ready was designed by a team of scientists and dermatologists including Dr Christopher Ho with an interest to create products that fulfill unmet needs in skin care while addressing consumer needs. Dr Christopher Ho MD is a Board Certified dermatologist who trained at UCLA as is a national leader in medical and aesthetic medicine.

His focus with other dermatologists and scientists on the Summer Ready team has been to handpick the most innovative and latest ingredients in the field of dermatology to address skin care.

Our mission is to provide an intuitive approach to skin care and sun protection grounded on evidence-based studies with a scope to cover both protection and prevention. With rejuvenating properties in every handpicked ingredient, Summer Ready products promote restoration, renewal, and recovery.

Most sunscreens use toxic chemicals to prevent the skin from developing a sunburn. We want people to be make good choices using sunscreens that are clean, oxybenzone free and are safe for the beach. 

At Summer Ready, our goal is to have an impact by creating innovative products that address skin care and sun protection. 



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